Americans love the Fall season: the changing colors, a wooly sweater and of course, pumpkin-everything.  One of our stronger beers, Pumpkin Ale takes cues from our flagship Strong Blonde while adding pumpkin spices for the perfect harvest offering.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Help us celebrate the pumpkin season at Jack Russell. Relax and enjoy our seasonal Pumpkin Ale in a true country setting. Because harvest beers were never meant to be sipped in a crowded bar with the TV blaring at you.

Color: clear golden.

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Malts:Base 2-Row
Hops:Complex hop schedule of Columbus, German Hallertauer, Tettnanger
Other:Pumpkin Spice Infusion
Beer Number:
Additional NotesTry our seasonal Pumpkin Ale with pork tenderloin, stuffed peppers, teriyaki glazed salmon or a fresh cranberry-walnut salad.