Historically a style made popular by the railroad porters in London, Porter beers have enjoyed an American resurgence in recent years.  Ours builds on the traditionally brown malt foundation with a bit of caramel, black and chocolate malt for a deep, rich flavor.

Uniquely Jack Russell: Our brewery’s unique origin story starts with the brewery originally being built in 1996 to brew in the traditional English style.  We have preserved that history by bringing forward the best representations of classic styles from our friends overseas, with the Porter being a standout.

Color: Ruby black.

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Malts:Base 2-Row, Brown, Cark Roasted Caramel, Black, Chocolate
Hops:Nugget, Fuggle
Beer Number:
Additional NotesFor the ultimate indulgence, try our Porter with oysters, creamy chowders, BBQ ribs, smoked brisket, dark chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.