Pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere and enjoy our classic brown ale. With notes of roasted marshmallow and campfire, nutty flavors dance on the tongue and finish slightly earthy. Low bitterness and ABV add to its drinkability. Be sure to bring a flashlight…

Uniquely Jack Russell: One of our most popular sellers, Howlin’ Brown Ale is our version of the classic English style of the same name. Granted, our brewhouse terrier Lucy doesn’t exactly “howl,” but she does bark at the llamas on occasion.

Color: Deep brown.

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Malts:Base 2-Row, Light Roast Caramel, Chocolate, Black
Hops:Fuggle, Northern Brewer
Beer Number:
Additional NotesGoes well with anything smoked or roasted—chicken, burgers, bacon—along with chocolate-flavored desserts.